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Five Benefits of Being a Rental Property Investor

You are not alone if you have been thinking about the benefits of rental property investments. Being a rental property investor in Albuquerque can be lucrative. But you will face many challenges, ranging from buying below-market-value rental properties, screening potential renters, handling lots of paperwork, to ensuring your tenants pay your rents and maintain your properties.

These challenges can easily be overcome by hiring the best rental property companies in Albuquerque. So, you shouldn’t allow the potential difficulties of rental property management to discourage you from becoming a rental property investor in Albuquerque. Still not convinced? Here are five benefits of being a rental property investor in Albuquerque.

Recurrent passive income

When you invest in rental properties in Albuquerque, you will generate steady cash flow. This means that your rental property investments will continue to generate income in succession without selling your rental properties. All rental properties appreciate in value over a period of time. Hence, your rental income will increase and become equity over time as you pay down your mortgage debts.

Tax advantages

Rental property investments come with lots of tax benefits. As a rental property investor, you can use your excess losses to reduce the amount of tax you will pay to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can even deduct such costs as property taxes, mortgage interest, and depreciation costs to cut down your tax further. That’s not all. Another tax perk is that when you sell a property, you can defer the tax payments and reinvest the proceeds into another rental property.

Full control

Rental property investments are not like stock or cryptocurrency investments in which Elon Musk and other celebrities can influence the price with their tweets. As an Albuquerque rental property investor, you have full control over how much you want to rent your property and whom you want to rent your property to. As long as you don’t break any laws, you are the boss.

Inflation protection

The Federal Reserve has been involved in a money-printing spree in the last three years, according to the Global Times. Within this period, the Fed printed more than $5 trillion to restore the U.S economy. The more the Fed prints money, the more your money will lose value due to inflation. Unlike many investments, rental property investments will shield your money from inflation and reduce the value of your mortgage debts over time.


Rental property investments are advantageous in that you can use your rental income to cover your mortgage payments and other rental property expenses. As long as you have tenants that pay you on time and treat your property as their own, you can depend on this source of revenue to pay for your recurring expenses.

Bottom line

Rental property investments in Albuquerque are financially rewarding. Of course, there are always challenges like tenant screening and selection, too much paperwork, and maintenance and repairs. These should not be a problem if you hire Keyway Properties Inc. Whether you want us to help you to market, rent, manage or sell your properties, we’ve got you covered.

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