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Property management home rentals in Albuquerque are Keyway Properties’ primary business. We pride ourselves on finding the right tenant for the right home. Our passion is to provide clean, comfortable, and reasonably priced homes for our tenants. It is important to us to work with owners who have this same passion and understand each unit is more than just a dollar sign. It is a home to someone. Welcome home!

We are Keyway Properties, a property management company servicing Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the surrounding metro area. Not only are we an excellent team, but we are a customer-first company. Of all the Rental Companies in Albuquerque, we are uniquely qualified for the job because we understand the southwest market in depth. We know all landlord-tenant laws and regulations and educate our tenants to the best of our ability. We want you to be as happy in your new home as possible.

Rental Management Albuquerque companies like ours stand out from the rest. We handle the screening process of all our tenants and take the hard work out of finding the right person for the right home. And once we find them, we handle collecting security deposits and rent. Filling vacancies is our forte, and ensuring your best interest is our top priority.

Marketing is just one of the many tools we offer our prospective clients. We understand that Rental Agencies in Albuquerque are a dime a dozen, and we want to be as open as possible about what we do. Renting a house can be a frightening endeavor. Hiring management and handymen can be daunting without prior experience. Keyway Properties takes that stress for you and can even reduce the cost of management. We also respond to maintenance requests, making your job as a homeowner that much easier.

If you are a prospective tenant, we also make finding a home a cinch. Our database is full of unique homes that suit the needs of every lifestyle. Need a house that is closer to work to ease the pain of that commute? Keyway Properties is one of the best Rental Agencies in Albuquerque to ask for assistance. Have a landlord that never responds to maintenance calls? Rental Companies in Albuquerque have a habit of going straight to voicemail, but with Keyway Properties, we understand that keeping tenants happy keeps landlords happy.

Are you afraid as a homeowner that the management you’ve hired to look after your home may be unsatisfactory? Or are you worried that the handyman you’ve sent may make matters worse? Rental Management Albuquerque companies like ours will never let you down. Our management skills are sublime, and our handymen are licensed and seasoned professionals. We promise that you won’t be disappointed if you trust us because we understand you deserve nothing but the best.

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Tenant screening and background checks. Seasoned landowners will tell you: Most of the slip-ups they have made originated from not taking care of any outstanding concerns when screening forthcoming tenants. An intensive screening incorporates background and credit checks, however business history, past rental history, and anticipated living plan (family, pets, etc.).

Preparing units for rent. Units should be cleaned before another tenant collects, and any remaining upkeep issues should be tended to. We ensure that neighborhood laws likewise require an examination, mainly if the unit has been unrented for a while. (In St. Louis Region, for instance, an inhabitants examination is constantly required when another tenant moves in, and again every year, assuming you apply for the Lodging Decision Voucher Program.)

Drawing up the leases. Most management organizations have a layout for leases. These cover all pieces of a rental understanding, including rent to be paid, security stores, support arrangements, divulgences (for instance, lead paint revelations), strategies on late rent, guidelines for moving out, etc. We ensure that leases are endorsed by all gatherings and are legitimately restricting records.

Gathering rent and keeping accounts. We will frequently deal with the assortment of rent and, if necessary, the utilization of late expenses. We will illuminate a property manager on the off chance that rent isn’t being paid, disregarding the rent.

Taking care of upkeep demands. It is a landowner’s liability to keep the property protected and bearable. Some portion of this is dealing with all sensible support demands. These can be basic things, such as supplanting lights or installing new locks, to more extensive and additional squeezing projects, like fixing a burst pipe, eliminating bugs, or fixing fire damage. These should be dealt with as quickly as possible, and many need the support of an authorized proficient.

Helping with grounds (snow expulsion, grass care, etc.). Not in the least does a very much keep up with outside assistance with check offers, yet it likewise guards the property grounds. This implies eliminating ice and snow in the colder time of year (if those things are typical for your area) and keeping plants very much controlled (removing weeds and managing above branches) in the spring and summer.

Let us help you overshoot your goals by manging your property rental in the right ways.

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